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The Power of Social Media for Businesses

Social media has revolutionized how businesses connect with their audience. Gone are the days when people looked up a business using a phone book or newspaper. Today, consumers expect any company they work with to have a presence and engage on social media. This is true for all types of businesses, whether they are B2C or B2B.

Let’s look at the statistics to see just how powerful social media is in helping you expand your reach online:


  • 2.9 million New Zealanders are on Facebook.
  • 2.3 million Kiwis access Facebook daily.
  • Kiwis log in an average of 14 times a day and spend 50 minutes a day on the site.
  • 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes. People on Facebook are open to discussing various topics online, including business-related matters.
  • Content consumption on Facebook has increased 57% in the past two years, meaning more readership for your site.


  • 46% of online adults who have graduated from university are LinkedIn users, while only 9% are high school graduates or less. These professionals make a great niche market for various industries.
  • 32% of employed adults are LinkedIn users, compared with 14% of online adults who are not employed. You’ll most likely find quality leads that convert to sales here.
  • In the past two years, content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21%, providing another opportunity to boost your content’s visibility.


  • 59% of Instagram users are active daily, including 35% who visit several times a day.
  • After being inspired by a post, 75% of Instagram users take action like visiting a website, searching, or engaging with a business.
  • 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.

X (Formerly Twitter)

  • 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website.
  • Link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets. You can share your website or content on Twitter and expect an increase in traffic.
  • 79% of Twitter users have retweeted a brand, and 38% have retweeted a new product or service update, helping you efficiently spread the word about your business.

Other Social Media Statistics

  • 92% of marketers deem social media as a critical part of their business.

  • More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least two years report it helped them improve sales.

  • For as little as six hours per week, 66% of marketers were able to reap lead generation benefits with social media.

Social Media – A Lead Generating Machine

The stats above prove social media to be a great marketing medium for the majority of businesses. This conclusion includes efforts with lead generation in various industries. Social media marketing allows you to connect with your existing and potential clients where they are most active.

Here are more reasons why it’s crucial for you to utilize social media when marketing yourself:

  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
  • More Opportunities to Convert
  • Decrease Marketing Cost
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Richer Customer Experience
  • Improved Customer Insights
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Higher Brand Authority
  • Increase Inbound Traffic to Your Website

Keys to a Successful Social Media Campaign

The art of successful marketing involves reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Here are some of the most successful methods you can use to get a return on your marketing efforts:

1 . Content Creation and Posting

Social media gives today’s business professionals a platform to position themselves as industry experts. Moreover, it also serves as a platform for communication and collaboration. Social media allows you to reach and tap innumerable people who could be your next clients.

Here are some of the ways how you can promote yourself as a credible business on social media:

  1. Engage with your audience by finding and sharing articles that they’ll find interesting. Topics such as industry news, tips, and trends are examples.
  2. Create blog posts on your website about topics that will provide value to your audience and then share these links on your social media accounts. If you don’t have a website, you can always post this article on LinkedIn or utilize blogging sites such as Medium and Tumblr.
  3. Humanize your posts by sharing text updates, images, and videos around you and your daily life. Outings with family & friends, you with your pets, and your favorite activities will all help personalize your brand. Introduce yourself as someone who your potential clients can approach, relate to, and befriend.
  4. Post videos or photos of yourself in your work environment or community. Benefits include establishing your credibility, showing your experience, and proving knowledge of your industry.
  5. Run online competitions, promotions, or referral opportunities for your online audience. Work with other businesses to create promotions to benefit both.
  6. Share your successes. Post a photo about your new achievements and include testimonials from clients. This strategy is even more impactful if you post videos!
  7. Conversation is always the first step to a fruitful relationship. Ask for your followers’ opinion or share your thoughts on the hottest topics/news. To avoid alienating people and losing out on leads, do not speak your mind on politics or religion.

2 . Online Ad Campaigns

Online advertisements offer highly targeted ads based on filters like location and demographics. Promoting or “boosting” posts on Facebook, for example, ensures your posts are seen by users in your target market. This fact means that you are reaching more than your current page’s fans.

You can target people your ads reach based on their interests or videos watched (in the case of YouTube). Going back to Facebook, you can also A/B test to find what ads work best and get you engagement with clients.

Don’t just boost posts. The Facebook Business Manager offers multiple ad-options and analytics to make sure your next ad campaign packs a punch.

  • Promote your competition.
  • Upload a video going into detail on relevant topics for your industry.

The list goes on, on how you can reach engaged fans and clients! Unlike traditional ads, online ads let you track your analytics before and after execution. It gives you a better idea of how the community engages with you so you can figure out if your marketing idea is working.

Would you like to learn more about how you can utilize Facebook ads to generate clients? Head to our Facebook Advertising page. We go into more detail on the exact features with Facebook ads and how it is being used to deliver a substantial ROI on your marketing budget.

3 . Engagement

Embracing community engagement is one sure way to reach your target prospects. Interacting with groups and communities or responding to messages and tweets will build trust. Retweet or share others' posts. Keep the “social” in social networking, and your efforts will pay off.

Responding to each comment, question, and review displays your customer service. You can also leverage influencers with hefty-sized social media followings to promote your content for a boost on reach.

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